I bet all of you who are reading this have heard of the fary-tale Beauty and the Beast. It is featured in so many books and films that there’s more than one variation available.
But today I want to tell you a story which you haven’t heard, because very few people are as crazy as I am to post about a gross and nasty subject such as stinky poop!
Once upon a time lived a woman. Not only was she extraordinarily beautiful; she was very rich too, having the right man, the perfect home, the perfect job, and the perfect wardrobe. For purposes of this story, I shall call her Beauty.
But there was one problem: Beauty had some fertility issues, so she couldn’t have kids of her own.
Her inability to bear children affected her so badly that she cried about it every single day of her life.
She prayed about it. She went to doctors to check if there’s any solutions to her problem, but to no avail.
Then, years later, she started waking up every morning, and the bathroom would be the first place she’d go to, because she felt sick.
She also noticed that her period just wouldn’t come anymore, and as time passed by, her belly grew bigger.
So, she went to her doctor, not expecting to hear good news, because she is infertile, remember?
She was not at all prepared for the news: they’ve done some bloodwork on her, and miraculously, it was found that she was pregnant with the baby she longed for so much.
To the surprise of the doctor and her own, she had a very smooth pregnancy. In fact, she could even give natural birth and breastfeed without any problems! How unbelievable!
But, after the baby was born to her, Beauty discovered that she doesn’t like getting her hands dirty with poop, so she appointed a nanny to do that for her so she won’t have to put up with something so yucky!
One night, while the nanny was helping the cook out of the kindness of her heart, she burned herself with water. Beauty was left  having to take care of the business she tried so hard to avoid.
As she was changing her baby’s nappy, it dawned on her that having to do this  gross job was part of being a mommy, and she  realized that having to work with her baby’s poop wasn’t that bad at all.
The moral of the story: it doesn’t matter what ministry or job you’d like to go into, there’s always going to be nasty stuff you’ll have to deal with. Pastors have to deal with the effects of death on families, and sometimes, they even have to witness bad endings …
Engineers who like to work outside and who hate paperwork sometimes have to do some pen-pushing when they have to draw up plans.
The list goes on and on, but the point remains that you’re going to have to deal with stuff you don’t like to deal with.
Now, I don’t know the thoughts that may comfort you in this regard, because not all of us have the same beliefs, but for me, my comfort lies in the thought that I will never be given something which I  won’t be able to manage, because I believe that my Creator won’t put stuffin one’s life which one wouldn’t be able to handle. So, I’ll hang in there, and I suggest you do the same. You … can … do … it!!!


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