I bet all of you who are reading this have heard of the fary-tale Beauty and the Beast. It is featured in so many books and films that there’s more than one variation available.
But today I want to tell you a story which you haven’t heard, because very few people are as crazy as I am to post about a gross and nasty subject such as stinky poop!
Once upon a time lived a woman. Not only was she extraordinarily beautiful; she was very rich too, having the right man, the perfect home, the perfect job, and the perfect wardrobe. For purposes of this story, I shall call her Beauty.
But there was one problem: Beauty had some fertility issues, so she couldn’t have kids of her own.
Her inability to bear children affected her so badly that she cried about it every single day of her life.
She prayed about it. She went to doctors to check if there’s any solutions to her problem, but to no avail.
Then, years later, she started waking up every morning, and the bathroom would be the first place she’d go to, because she felt sick.
She also noticed that her period just wouldn’t come anymore, and as time passed by, her belly grew bigger.
So, she went to her doctor, not expecting to hear good news, because she is infertile, remember?
She was not at all prepared for the news: they’ve done some bloodwork on her, and miraculously, it was found that she was pregnant with the baby she longed for so much.
To the surprise of the doctor and her own, she had a very smooth pregnancy. In fact, she could even give natural birth and breastfeed without any problems! How unbelievable!
But, after the baby was born to her, Beauty discovered that she doesn’t like getting her hands dirty with poop, so she appointed a nanny to do that for her so she won’t have to put up with something so yucky!
One night, while the nanny was helping the cook out of the kindness of her heart, she burned herself with water. Beauty was left  having to take care of the business she tried so hard to avoid.
As she was changing her baby’s nappy, it dawned on her that having to do this  gross job was part of being a mommy, and she  realized that having to work with her baby’s poop wasn’t that bad at all.
The moral of the story: it doesn’t matter what ministry or job you’d like to go into, there’s always going to be nasty stuff you’ll have to deal with. Pastors have to deal with the effects of death on families, and sometimes, they even have to witness bad endings …
Engineers who like to work outside and who hate paperwork sometimes have to do some pen-pushing when they have to draw up plans.
The list goes on and on, but the point remains that you’re going to have to deal with stuff you don’t like to deal with.
Now, I don’t know the thoughts that may comfort you in this regard, because not all of us have the same beliefs, but for me, my comfort lies in the thought that I will never be given something which I  won’t be able to manage, because I believe that my Creator won’t put stuffin one’s life which one wouldn’t be able to handle. So, I’ll hang in there, and I suggest you do the same. You … can … do … it!!!



The other day, our electric kettle packed up, and because it costs more to have the element repaired or replaced than to buy a new electric kettle, we decided to purchase a new one.
Satisfied with our purchase, we left the grocery store and went home. We couldn’t wait to use our new electric kettle for the first time, so we were very excited to get home.
The first thing Des did as soon as he was in the kitchen was to open up the box which contained the kettle. But after opening it and packing ot the kettle, he found no plug for it. This infuriated him of course, because if we didn’t have the plug for it, it would be of no use to us as it can obviously not work without the plug. This also meant that we had to drive all the way back to the store to hold the staff accountable for the condition in which the item purchased was delivered to us.
It wasn’t the fact that we had to go back to the store in itself that bothered Des so much. To him, it was more about the time he’d have to waste, because he needed time to do some work which he brought home from the office and which needed to be completed before the next day.
When we got to the store, I stayed in the car, because it was near the end of the day, and I really didn’t feel like witnessing a fight, even if it was for a just cause. I don’t know if someone else can identify with this, but sometimes, I simply don’t feel like witnessing or taking part in any confrontations. This is quite contrary to the sort of personality type that’s being described as feisty, i think … But anyway, sometimes I’d rather take a backseat andleave others who have the strength to fight to do the fighting (despite having been described as confrontational in the past).
So he told the staff and the security that he got the kettle without the plug, upon which they informed him that the plug was inside the ketle. They also told him that he is not the first client to return to them with such a complaint, but that they unfortunately had to place the plugs inside the new kettles, because some people steal it out of the box and then they leave the kettle behind.
When we got home, we immediately had coffee made with boiled water from our new kettle. as we were waiting for the water to boil, we noticed that the light the kettle gives when it is switched on is blue. It’s the first time we own and saw a kettle that shines a blue light, and all of us think it’s pretty cool that the colour is blue for a change instead of the usual colours red or yellow.
The blue light makes Des and our son think of police vehicle lights, while it somehow reminds me of the blue star featured in Narnia III.
Des was still angry, but not at the staff this time. No, he was mad at himself, because he wasted time going to the store while the plug has been there all along and right in front of him … I comforted him though, reminding him that did so because he didn’t know where to look for it.
But don’t all of us do something like that some time in our life? I’m not necessarily talking about not looking in all the right places for physical stuff only; I’m talking about looking for answers to questions we have as well.
We all know that we can find many answers to questions we may have on Google, and we also know that not all questions can be googled, such as why life is so blooming unfair sometimes, or why some people just love to knowingly cause hurt and affliction to others, and so on and so forth.
Sometimes, the answer to a particular question or a particular something we’re looking for is right in front of us. The only thing standing between us and the answer or thing we want and discovering its good characteristics for which we didn’t necessarily bargain is our ignorance: we don’t know where (or sometimes even how) to look for it. Sometimes, all we have to do to save ourselves the trouble of looking for it in a place far away is to look right in front of us …  Many times, the answer is just … right there …


I never thought I’d ever say this, but I’m actually at a point in my life where I can say with all honesty and sincerity and without being ungrateful for what I have that I’m tired of change! Three years ago, I wouldn’t have said something like this, because I didn’t think it was possible to develop an aversion to change, but after having gone through so many transitions during the past two years, my prayers and wishes went from praying and hoping for a change to praying and wishing for stability, because change and instability have come to be synonymous terms to me, although I’m aware that they are not one and the same thing technically speaking.

During the course of last week, my husband was offered employment by a private security company that provides security and protection services to its clients. It doesn’t compete with the business of his current employer, which is into the business of security solutions. Security solutions and services is not one and the same thing. Security solutions deal with the installation of cameras, alarms, and tracking devices, while security services involve the protection of people and their property.

After thinking about it a lot and having considered many factors which I will not mention here as that can come down to the violation of the confidentiality clause which my husband has signed with his current employer, my husband decided to accept the offer, and yesterday he handed in his resignation letter.

This means that we have to look for other accommodation during the days and weeks to follow, and to me, that’s a tedious job! However, it’s not half as bad as having to move!

Although moving is tiring, that’s not the only thing about it that concerns me. Besides us having to adapt to our new environment and my husband’s new working hours, we also have children who will be affected ONCE AGAIN by this transition. The eldest, who is eight years old, is currently staying with my parents due to the transport issues we had when she went to grade 1 last year, and we don’t want to disrupt her by having her move in with us while we’re still in the process of getting on our feet and stabilizing, so she won’t be affected as badly as her brother. He’s four now and has just settled into a great English preschool here in Fourways. Now we have to find him a pre-school to which he can go so that he will be properly stimulated during the day, which means that we’ll have to keep asking and looking around as we don’t know the vicinity where my husband will be working, and thus, we don’t know of a good preschool to which we can send him which will be close to the place to which we will be moving so he can settle in as soon as possible after our move to the new home. Of course, there is also the transportation to and from his preschool which is a matter of grave concern to me. I can’t have him transported by uber every day, so I hope to God someone can help me find transport facilities appropriate for the transportation of your child.

I know that we have to find a place to rent first before worrying about my son’s future preschool and his transportation to and from the preschool, but these thoughts worry me nevertheless. What frustrates me even more is that I’m not sure where to start asking for help, so I feel powerless to do anything about this. I’m not saying that there’s no hope though. I’m just saying that not knowing where to start makes me feel powerless.

I guess all of this means that it’s off to yet another freaking change in our lives for us! I’m not mad at my husband for taking the offer though. I’m really just sick of not knowing more or less what the near future holds for us. I know that none of us can say for sure what tomorrow holds or if we’ll live to see the next day, but from experience, I’ve learnt that it helps a lot to know that at least someone in the family has a stable and steady job and that there are little prospects of future financial difficulty which might require restructuring and retrenchments. It really does make a difference, because it gives you and your children a stable platform to function and develop.